Thanjai Snacks was an innovative idea of ​​its founders Kumaresan Muthukrishnan of the Thanjai Restaurant Group and Dr. Thiagas Sankar, a well-known Emeritus Professor and former Head of the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The two have worked hard to design high-quality South Indian snacks that are scientifically formulated using a combination of quality ingredients to meet the expectations of local consumers in Canada and the United States. Thanjai Snacks is currently focusing its research and development efforts in creating nutritious recipes that meet the growing demand for healthier snacking alternatives. In recent years, sales of snacks in North America have increased, in part due to the popularity of new multicultural cuisines.


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Currently, exotic and multinational stores and grocery stores often only sell imported products in poorly packaged bags with a limited shelf life. These do not offer authentic taste and many of these snack products are poorly stored and have already suffered damage during shipping. These snacks can also be unhealthy due to the added preservatives needed to preserve them.

Our products bypass all of the drawbacks stated above to provide freshly prepared snacks, scientifically developed under excellent quality controlled conditions, manufactured right here in Quebec, Canada. Our snack packaging is color coded for easy consumer identification. We regularly test new formulations and design unique recipes for healthier snacks using multigrain, ragi, soy, coriander and black pepper. We also make snacks using Quebec maple syrup while retaining appealing tastes of South Indian snacks to introduce the public to this new awakening. All the technical and taste tests we have conducted over the last 6 months prove this statement without a doubt. We also expand our product range after each experimental trial in our laboratories. Please see our products page for a complete list.

Research and Development

After several months of rigorous market analysis, we found that there is a huge void in the North American snack industry, especially for authentic South Indian snacks. To fill this gap, we formulated a select range of snacks and produced them experimentally by experts at our Thanjai factory facilities in Montreal, Quebec, Canada over 4 months of trials and iterations. The results were promising and our new factory marked the birth of Collations Thanjai Snacks in Canada.

At Thanjai Snacks factory, we have the best machinery and expertise as per industry standards. Supported by our own research and development center, we are constantly on the lookout for the best recipe and the latest trends in snacks to meet the tastes and expectations of our customers.

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