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  • Thattai is an authentic and traditional Indian snack.
  • It is a crisp cracker made with rice flour, chickpea and spices.
  • This irresistible savory snack is also known as Thattu vadai or thattai murukku widely !!
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Product Native : Thattai is a popular and well-known rice flour and chickpea based cracker, originally from Tamil Nadu. Thattai is also known as “Nippattu” in Karnataka and “Chekkalu” in Andhra Pradesh. This snack is especially prepared during Krishna Jayanti festival and is one of the important offerings at home or in a temple. Specialty: Can be treated as a snack, a side and eaten along with Indian rice.

Ingredients: Rice flour, Water, Fried chickpea flour, Split chickpeas, Butter (Milk), Garlic paste, Salt, Asafoetida, Curry leafs, Chili powder, Chili flakes, Soda.

Contains: Milk

May contain: Peanuts • Tree nuts • Sesame seeds • Wheat

Intensity : Low spice level

Occasions to eat: During evenings with a cup of tea/ coffee, weddings, festivals or with any meal,

Weight 100 g



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