Savory Jungle Balls


  • Seedai is a crispy and crunchy traditional Indian snack.
  • These ball-shaped delight are prepared by deep-frying a dough of rice and fried chickpea flours with spices.
  • These little pearls are so delicious that you won’t want to be without them!
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Product Native: A traditional festival snack that is also known as “Uppu Seedai”. These small, crunchy ball-shaped snacks are especially made during Krishna Jayanti festival. There are around 5 variations of Seedai in South India, and one that is well-known is called “Chettinad Seedai”.

Specialty: A sweet variation of this Seedai, known as “Inipu Seedai” is also made using jaggery.

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Water, Fried chickpea flour, Butter (Milk), Salt, Black lentil flour, White sesame seeds, Asafoetida, Soda.

Contains: Sesame seeds • Milk

May contain: Peanuts • Tree nuts • Wheat

Intensity: Low spice level

Weight 100 g



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