Ribbon Pakoda


  • Ribbon Pakoda is a perfect crispy and crunchy Indian snack.
  • It is prepared with rice flour and besan flour dough which is later shaped with Ribbon Pakoda shaper and deep fried till crisp.
  • This flavorful and addictive snack is also called as Ribbon Murukku !!
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Product Native: Ribbon Pakoda, also known as, “Nada Thenkuzhal”, is a traditional snack originally from Tamil Nadu. Obvious from its name, Ribbon Pakora is one of the traditional snacks of South India, shaped in wavy ribbons and falls under the Murukku family of snacks

Specialty: Other variations of this snack include Ribbon Murukku, Ribbon Sev, Ottu Pakora, Seeval etc.

Ingredients: Rice flour, Gram flour, Roasted gram flour, Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Asafoetida, Butter, Water and Salt

Taste: Low spice level

Allergies: NA

Type of food: Crunchy snack

Occasions to eat: Great to be eaten during festivals, and also normal times as an evening snack




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