Puffs and Samosas

  • Puffs
    • Puffs is a snack with crisp-n-flaky outer layer and mixed vegetables/paneer stuffing, is a quick and tasty way of satisfying urge of something savory.
    • Both Veg and Paneer Puffs are delicious bakery-style snack turnovers with a flaky outer layer and flavorful filling. Makes a great snack for tea-time!
    • We prepare Puffs in two varieties,
      1. Vegetable Puff
      2. Paneer Puff
  • Samosas
    • Samosa is a delicious crispy snack very popular in India and many other countries.
    • It is a triangular pastry filled with spiced potato and vegetables and deep fried in oil.
  • Special Note – Please call us 1-514-508-1282 to place your orders for these custom items.

Product Native: Samosas are one of the most popular appetizers consumed throughout the world. It can either be fried or baked. It comes in various forms, the triangle one being the most well-known one. Originally, a Middle Eastern pastry, samosa is also consumed heavily in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Specialty: It’s the best eaten with chutney on the side, such as Tamarind or Coriander chutney

Ingredients: They are majorly savoury with variety of fillings, some such as, Spiced potatoes, Lentils, Green chilli, Peas and Onions.

Taste: Medium spice level

Allergies: NA

Type of food: Fried pastry

Occasions to eat: Great to be eaten during evenings during tea/coffee time




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