Madras Mixture


  • Madras Mixture is a spicy and crispy munching Indian snack.
  • As the name suggests it is a mixture of various savories such as Kaara Boondi , Plain sev, Fried Peanuts, Poha, Roasted Gram Dal along with spice powders put together and tastes great with piping hot coffee !!

Product Native: A mixture at its best. This combines everyone’s favourite snacks to make the best mixture. The product is also well-known as “Micchar”. As its obvious, Madras Mixture origin lies in Madras, now known as Chennai. Murukku and Thattai can also be added to the mixture, however, Madras Mixture’s base is made up of Kara Boondi and Omapodi, a variety used to garnish Indian chaats

Specialty: This mixture is also prepared during Diwali and comes in a variety of mixtures, depending on the region

Ingredients: Kara Boondi, Karasev, Plain sev, Cashew Nuts, Poha and Roasted gram dal with the typical spices

Taste: Medium spice level

Allergies: NA

Type of food: Crunchy snack

Occasions to eat: Great to be eaten during festivals, and also normal times, such as, an evening snack




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