Kaara Boondi


  • Kaara Boondi is a popular Indian snack made with chickpea flour and spices, garnished with peanuts and curry leaves.
  • It is a spiced version fried boondi and perfect tea time snack.
  • Crispy and crunchy fried boondi is such a tasty and much addictive snack !!

Product Native: Small, crispy beads, Kaara Boondi is an indication for festivals like Diwali. Boondi is originally a variety of Rajasthan, known as “Nukti” in the region. Kaara Boondi is versatile in that; it is used to dress various Indian chaat varieties and can also be eating with curd rice. Basically, Kaara Boondi is a good combination with curd and yogurt-based dishes.

Specialty: There is also a sweeter version of Boondi and is also sometimes added to Raita

Ingredients: Fried chickpea flour, Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Asafoetida, Salt, Garlic, Curry leaves, Cashews, Ground nuts and Water for batter

Taste: Medium spice level

Allergies: NA

Type of food: Crispy snack

Occasions to eat: Great to be eaten with curd rice and yogurt-based dishes




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