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Thanjai Snacks is a result of innovative recipe/formula development and extensive experimental testing. It is supported by expertise derived from our long experience with Thanjai restaurants and customer care.

  • Thanjai Snacks was a progressive idea of its founders Kumaresan Muthukrishnan of the Thanjai group of restaurants and Dr Thiagas Sankar, well-known Distinguished Professor and former Head of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering faculty. Both have worked hard to bring scientifically formulated high-quality South Indian snacks using new combination of fresh ingredients to meet the demands of public across Canada and USA. We currently focus on selected series of regular and nutritious healthy snacks using our R&D work on snack formulations to capture this fast-expanding demand for tasty vegetarian snacks. During the past few years, the snacks and sweets sales in North America have risen multifold due to popularity of multicultural cuisines.

  • Currently ethnic and multinational shops and grocery stores often sell only imported products in poorly packed bags with limited shelf-life. These do not deliver an authentic taste and many of these snack products are improperly stored, having already suffered damages from shipment. These snacks can also be unhealthy due to the addition of preservatives needed to keep them appearing fresh.

  • Our Thanjai Snack products overcome all above drawbacks to deliver freshly made, scientifically developed, healthy snacks under excellent quality-controlled conditions, made right here in Quebec, Canada. Our snack packages are colour coded for easy consumer identification to get regular or healthy variety of our products. We regularly test new formulations and design unique recipes for healthier snacks using multigrain, ragi, soya, coriander, and black pepper. We also make Quebec maple syrup-based snacks maintaining at the same time attractive South Indian snack tastes to introduce the public to such new awakening. All the engineering and taste trials we ran during the past 6 months prove this assertion without doubt. We are also expanding our product line after each experimental run at our labs. Please see our products page for a complete list.

Thanjai Snacks Plant and Our Product Research

  • After many months of rigorous market analysis, we found that there is a huge void in the North American snacks industry especially for authentic South Indian snacks. To fill this void, we formulated selected range of snacks and experimentally produced them by experts in our Thanjai plant facilities in Montreal, Quebec, Canada over 4 months of trials and iterations. The results were promising, and our new factory marked the birth of Thanjai Snacks of Canada.

  • At Thanjai Snacks factory, we have the best industry standard machinery and expertise. Backed by our own Research and Development wing, we are in constant lookout for the best recipe and latest snack requirements to meet our customer tastes.

  • Our current product list contains both conventional South Indian snacks as well as advanced health snacks with multigrain, ragi, soya and milagu (black pepper) as key ingredients. Please see our products page for full set of our current and custom snack varieties.

Current & Future Plans

The palates of Canadians and North Americans are increasingly multicultural driven and fast changing, North American consumers are always looking for new flavours, new cuisines, and healthy snack foods to suit their nutrition needs. Although ethnic foods are associated with specific countries and cultures, ethnically influenced food choices in Canada and USA is not about a specific market segment – it is more about food connoisseurs from all cultural backgrounds. In fact, the ethnic food market in North America is currently growing at a fast rate annually, and this is expected to rise in the coming years as new as well as second and third generation immigrants increase in Canada and USA.

Below are some of our mission/market initiatives and highlights:
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